Mats Lintrup

I work as senior lecturer at the Department of Health at Blekinge Institute of Technology (2006) in Karlskrona, Sweden. My teaching is mainly in the Nursing Science Program. My research is in the field of the elderly health and especially in malnutrition in the elderly. I am a Registered Nurse (1983) and I have a PhD in Geriatric Medicine (2002).

Campus Gräsvik – Blekinge Institute of Technology in Karlskrona

I live in Bergkvara, a small village at the Baltic Sea between the two towns Karlskrona and Kalmar in the southeast of Sweden.

Bergkvara in the 1930
Bergkvara in the 1930

I am married and I have three children: Cordelia (9), Calvin (7) and Rex (6).

Cirkus Lintrup
Me and my family

This year I have begun to play golf, otherwise my work, my family and our old large house takes most of my time.

Our house 100 years ago
Our house about a 100 years ago
My best drive from Red Tee
My best drive from Red Tee


More about me, my family and Bergkvara you can find at my homepage

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  1. What a wonderful introduction of yourself, Mats! Thank you for taking me to Bergkvara, Sweden through your shared images.


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