I´m confused

I am really confused, for an example, take the messages in my mailbox concerning ONL162 on the first days of the course and the days just before. There was so many of them. I have counted to over 90 messages during one week (from 21 to 28 of September) and on the day of the course start (26th of September) 37 messages. It took my some days to figure out I have to have a system in my mailbox to handle all of these messages. In the first week of the course I´ve got over 80 messages in my mailbox connected to ONL162 and in the flood of messages I missed that some of them was personal to me just because there was too many of them. I had to open and read all of them to find out which was you saying “hallo here I am” and which was actually trying to ask me something. There has to be a better system for this.

I´m confused about all the different pages you have to read. There is the ONL162 homepage https://opennetworkedlearning.wordpress.com/ where there is so much of information you have to read about the course then there is the pages in Google+ https://plus.google.com/communities/103108266615789802832 concerning course start up, introduction and the topics. Then there are the PBL-group pages in Google+ and the documents in Google Drive. Then there is all of the participant’s blogs. No I haven’t mention Twitter yet.

So there is much information in different kind of program that you have to sign in to. It´s not easy to get an overview of the course at start. And this is how I look at my digital literacy’s as well – there is so much at so many different pages and program that is very difficult to find your way.

Most visitors get confused when they come into my office
Most visitors get confused when they come into my office


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