Just back from a two and half-our lecture – introduction to writing a bachelor thesis – and I wonder – did the students get anything of what I said? Well I am a senior lecturer so I lecture…. Well I did get some applause when I finished the lecture – I don´t always get applause. When I do get applause – do they like it or are they just pleased with the fact that I have finished talking?

My good luck troll
Mitt Lykketrold (My goodlucktroll)

#ONL162 here I come

For the last ten years I have worked with Problem Based Learning, but I have only worked with courses at campus. We use a learning platform (It´s Learning) to communicate with our students but it is not quite the same as a whole internet-based course. I hope to learn more about how to create and maintain a whole course on the internet and I like to learn more about useful tools to do so.

To find me you only have to follow to X marked in the sky...
To find me you only have to follow the X marked in the sky…